Visit from the Netherlands


At the beginning of this summer, the board of the foundation finally visited the child center again. Due to the corona pandemic, it was difficult to visit Burkina Faso for a long time. In addition, the increasing jihadism in the Sahel region has made it more dangerous to visit the country. It is important for the team in the child center that they regularly have someone visiting them from the Netherlands. And for us as a foundation it is important to closely monitor the progress of the work among the children.

The staff and children were very enthusiastic about the visit. Also for us as board it was nice to see and to talk to the children and the staff again. It was good to see how happy the children are. That they are being cared for and receive good food every day. And that there is personal attention for the children.

It was also surprising to see that the organizational structure of the child center is starting to take shape. In the center the children are divided into groups. The employees work in two teams that alternate in caring for their assigned children. In this way there are few changes of caregivers for the children. The full responsibility of the children rests with the caretakers assigned to each group.

Meals are shared moments. All children and carers come together in the dining room for this. It's endearing to watch the kids enjoy their plate of rice (and delicious sauce)…

Foto meisje dat eet (Small)