In January 2018 the center welcomed baby-twins Maoudatou and Rasmata. Two weeks after they were born, their mother died after a short illness. The father and the extended family were unable to bear responsibilities for the two babies at the time. For this reason, the girls were brought to Action Sociale (Child Care) in order to temporarily stay in our center. For almost three years we have been taking care of them.

Recently, the father notified us that he has remarried. Together with his new wife he has expressed the desire to take care of the children. Action Sociale is going to start up the procedure for reunification. This is good news because Stichting Mangoboom is actively pursuing a strategy to reunite children with their families or have them adopted by foster families.

Including Maoudatou and Rasmata, we have been able to reunite ten children with their family of origin this past year. Ten children will experience what it means to grow into independent individuals in a family-context. This makes us very happy. We support these families where needed and possible in the care for these children.

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