Now that there is a water pump and a house on the site, they can serve as a base for all kinds of new activities that the children can contribute to.

Together with the children, a large part of the new land around the water pump and the house has been sown with corn. During the holidays, especially the older children spend their day as much as possible on the new site. In the morning after breakfast together we drive towards the corn field by bike where a large part of the day is spent with all kinds of agricultural activities. Now that the rainy season has started, water no longer needs to be pumped, but the weeds grows all the more. So there is enough work left for the children.

It won't stop at corn by the way. We want to plant all kinds of fruit trees around the site in the coming period. The goal is to plant 30 papaya trees, 20 banana trees, 30 orange trees and some other species. In total, we want to place 100 trees around the site in order to transform the area into a real oasis. Plenty to do for the kids in the near future.