How you can help

helpmeeWe depend on your help. The foundation "De Mangoboom" supports the children of the orphanage. We make sure tha the children receive three meals per day. We also provide for all the materials that are needed to run the orphanage, such as firewood (for the kitchen) and cleaning materials. We also make sure that the children attend school and that they receive medical care.

Allow us to explain in which way you can support us financially. It is possible to provide a one-time donation, but it is also possible to subscribe to one of the three 'package-deals' that we offer. Whichever way you choose, be assured that you help us make the world of difference for the children of the orphanage!

Child-support package

By subscribing to a monthly package, you take care of the needs of one of the orphanage's children. The monthly amount for this package is € 30. We have come to realise in practice that it is not possible to assign your contribution to one (named) child in particular; your gift will be used by all the children of the orphanage.

Click here to subscribe to a child-support package.

Baby-care package

Your subscription to this monthly package helps us take care of orphan babies in Burkina Faso. The mortality rate for mothers during childbirth is large. Some fathers do not care at all about their children or they abuse them. Babies are seen as the cause of their mother's decease. The Burkina Fase child protection office, the 'Action Sociale', regularly presents children like this to the orphanage. Your monthly contribution of € 20 allows us to accept these kind of children and provide for their needs.

Click here to subscribe to a baby-care package.

Development package

A subscription to this monthly care package helps us look after all kinds of matters that are needed to keep the orphanage up and running. This includes food, cleaning materials, mosquito nets, beds and so forth. The monthly contribution for this package is € 15.

Click here to subscribe to a development package.

Medical package

A subscription to this monthly package helps us fund the medical care that is needed. This includes visiting a doctor, buying medicines, vaccinating children (some vaccinations are free, others require payment), and performing regular medical (and dental) check ups. The monthly contribution for this package is € 10.

Click here to subscribe to a medical package.

One-time donation

Would you rather make a one-time donation? We really appreciate it! Please press the button below to make your donation.



Would you rather make a donation from your bank account by yourself? Here is the Dutch bank account information you need:
NL33 SNSB 0871 6581 51 t.n.v. Stichting De Mangoboom, Ede, the Netherlands.

Periodic donation

Annual gifts that are registered in writing and that meet certain conditions are completely deductable from Dutch income tax (see the tax office's website). We provide a form (in Dutch) that you can download and use to arrange for such annual registered gifts.

Bequest or testamentary disposition

Another possibility is to mention foundation 'De Mangoboom' in your will. There are two options. The first one takes the form of a 'bequethal', a fixed amount destined for the foundation "De Mangoboom", as mentioned in your will. Another option is to make foundation "De Mangoboom" one of the beneficiaries of your inheritance. This last method means that the foundation "De Mangoboom" shares your inheritance with possible others that should receive a share according to the law. The net amount results by deducting debts and taxes.

Why donate to foundation 'De Mangoboom'?

Foundation 'De Mangoboom' is a small foundation that directly brings your financial support to the children that need it. We do not have an office in the Netherlands and we do not have any employees in the Netherlands. The overhead we have consists of bank charges and a few other charges that are compulsary to run a foundation in the Netherlands. This means that almost 100% of your gifts are actually spent on the children.

We do not just forward money to the orphanage, since we are accutely aware of the dangers that part of it can 'get stuck'. Foundation 'De Mangoboom' has a few trustworthy local employees in Burkina Faso. Those are the ones that buy food and deliver it to the children. Any medical and educational projects we undertake are done under the direct supervision of our local employees. All this allows us to guarantee that the contributions you make really are for the benefit of the children.


Our 'ANBI' status

The Dutch tax service has acknowledged foundation 'De Mangoboom' as an 'ANBI' one: a public benefit organization. This is why any gift you make to 'De Mangoboom' can be deducted from income tax. Do consult the tax office's website for more information on how to deduce gifts to the Mangoboom, should you live in the Netherlands.

More information and presentations

If you would like to receive more information on the foundation 'De Mangoboom', then please contact us. We would love to talk with you and explain how we try to support orphans and other children in need in Burkina Faso. We can be invited to give a presentation on our work at your company, church or school in the Netherlands. Please inquire about the possibilities.