Our projects

Foundation 'De Mangoboom' seeks to transform the orphanage to a home where children can really blossom. Our support is not limited to food and medical care; we are also keen to help improve the grounds and the buildings, for instance.

Projects in the past

This is a selection of projects we have completed in the past:

  • waterRestoring running water. Foundation 'De Mangoboom' restored the water supplies to the orphanage. The pump had broken down. We installed a new water pump in the water tower next to the grounds and we installed new taps on the grounds of the orphanage. This allows the children to wash themselves, and is an essential part in improved hygiene.
  • Medical check ups. Foundation 'De Mangoboom' makes sure that the children are examined regularly by a medical doctor. Where health problems come up, we provide for the necessary medicine.
  • Setting up a study room. One of the rooms in the orphanage has been set up as a study room. It provides a place where children can quietly tend to their school work. We also make sure that there is a teacher available, since some of the children need more support.
  • Providing for vegetation on the grounds. We have planted a number of fruit trees and bushes last year. This is considerably improving the climage in the orphanage. The trees will not only provide fruit (in the future), but also shadow.
  • Decorating a play room. One room in the orphanage has been set aside as a play room. This is the place where the children can play with their toys.
  • Improving the play ground. The play ground contained some old equipment. We have fixed the equipment, painted it and made it child-safe again. The play ground has become a place where children can really enjoy themselves.

School project

Many of the orphanage's children are behind in their school level. This is why we want to help the children with their homework. We include teachers of the elementary school to provide individual support for the children. We also want to supply the children with the school books they need, exercise books and books to improve their reading skills. Would you like to partner with us in the future of these children?


Electricity project

We are saving up what we can right now for the electricity project. We would like to connect the orphanage to the electricity supplies that exist. The nearby village has power, but making the connection to that grid is going to be a major financial hurdle. Will you help us meet this need?


Work visits

Members of the Dutch board of 'De Mangoboom' regularly visit the orphanage. Such visits are needed in order to make sure all the contributions end up where they need to. Be assured, however, that the costs for these work visits are not covered by regular gifts. The visits are only paid by gifts that are labelled as 'working visits' specifically. Is this something you would like to support?