Who we are

WiewijzijnThe foundation 'De Mangoboom' started in 2014. It was the direct result of a trip to Burkina Faso that took place in October 2013.  The trip through this West-African country included a visit to an 'orphanage'. What we found there broke our hearts…

What we found

The orphanage was in a sorry state. Dirt was everywhere, there was feces on the walls, matrasses were saturated with urine and the toilets were broken-down. No one took care of te children. They were not only left to their fate, but their health was miserable and there was hardly any food available. Not to mention the fact that these children and the little baby's had to go without the love of a father and mother. The hopeless situation did not stimulate the care-takers to initiate changes, nor did they have the means to do so.


The visit to this orphanage made a huge impression on us. We wondered how on earth a situation like this could exist in this modern age. And then we started thinking whether we could make any difference for these children. We felt strongly that our visit to this orphanage was no 'coincidance' at all, and that we should think of a follow-up. We carefully weighed a number of possibilities and ended up establishing the foundation 'De Mangoboom'.

Setting up foundation 'De Mangoboom'

The foundation 'De Mangoboom' has been officially established at March 20, 2014. As a visible sign to this new start, the children and the care takers planted a mango tree on the orphanage's grounds. The tree provides a visual support to our support for the children's future. Just as the tree slowly but steadily grows, so we as a foundation grow in our support for the children in need.
The children made a promise to take care of the mango tree. One day the mango tree will bear fruit. The tree will become a place of refuge and shadow. All the orphanage's children will be able to enjoy it.