In recent newsletters we regularly addressed the learning difficulties of the children. Some have difficulty following the curriculum and the Corona pandemic has only made it worse. As everywhere else, in Burkina Faso, schools have been closed for a long time.

We have been able to reach a new agreement with a number of teachers of the local school to provide tutoring. The most important aim of the tutoring is to help the children to compensate for their learning difficulties. Each week, the children that need it receive four hours of tutoring. We endeavor to continue this tutoring during holidays so that the children will be able to pass their exams and will be able to start the next academic year with the same curriculum as the others.

Up until very recently, these lessons had to take place during daylight because we did not have lighting in the homework classroom of the center. We have found a solution, however, and lighting is now available. We are very grateful for this.