2-4-2019: Recently the orphanage received some visitors from Holland. To teach the children some modern dutch habbits, they had some 'selfielessons' We think they did a great job!

Have a nice weekend!

11-9-2018:  Finally weekend... These young kids are happy to be out of school for some day's. Have a nice weekend!

New Beds

8-31-2018: This summer we had a project to buy new baby cribs and children cots. The beds are specially made for us by a local constructor. The pictures below show how the cots look like. These beds are safe. The children cannot get their heads through the bars anymore. As a bonus, the beds are prepared to host the mosquito nets.
We purchase new bedding together with the beds. We would love to replace all the beds for the babies and the infants. The beds we were able to order are being produced right now and we want to thank everyone who helped us in achieving this result. It is still possible to contribute to this project.

Summerproject for new babycots


This summer we would like to collect funds to purchase new baby cots and beds for little toddlers.

The orphanage offers shelter for a relatively large amount of babies. The cots we now have are old, but they do their job. Yet there are a few problems. We’ve had a number of babies being very ‘movable’. They move in all directions in their beds. Then there’ve been several toddlers attempting to escape from their beds when they wake up.

The beds we have, however, are not very safe. The distance between the bars is large enough for some children to try and squeeze their heads through them, but then they get stuck. We have taken provisional measures to remedy this particular problem, but they have been to no avail up till now. This is why we decided that it would be better to switch to new and safer baby cots and toddler beds.

Two years ago we had an action to purchase new mattresses. The children are using them all the time, and they are still in an excellent condition. All the more reason to blatantly bring this new summer project to your attention. Should you want to contribute, please do so by stating ‘baby cots’ in the description of your gift.

New Uniforms

2-28-2018 Our children received new school uniforms recently. It looks like they like them a lot!

New Children

2-1-2018 Last week Child Protection Services of Burkina Faso brought some children to the orphanage. It concerns a twin (boy & girl) of four months old of which the mother has recently died and the father is unknown. Besides those two children, a girl from the village of seven months old was brought in. The mother of the girl has also died and the circumstances of the father make it impossible for him to raise the baby. Foundation The Mangotree is happy to be able to take care of these children in this difficult time.