Medical Check

Monitoring the physical health of our children is very omportant. To be able to do this every child in the center had it's own medical file. In this file all relevant medical information is being documented. You might think of information like for example medical history and vaccinations that have been given. Also current information about health condition, like for example growth curves and weight of the children are adopted in the medical file.

For this reason, the weight and height of the children are measured once in a while during medical examinations. But of course the general image of the children is also a good indicator of their condition. Every child has permanent carers in the child center who can keep an eye on wheter the child appears well, happy and healthy.



In recent newsletters we regularly addressed the learning difficulties of the children. Some have difficulty following the curriculum and the Corona pandemic has only made it worse. As everywhere else, in Burkina Faso, schools have been closed for a long time.

We have been able to reach a new agreement with a number of teachers of the local school to provide tutoring. The most important aim of the tutoring is to help the children to compensate for their learning difficulties. Each week, the children that need it receive four hours of tutoring. We endeavor to continue this tutoring during holidays so that the children will be able to pass their exams and will be able to start the next academic year with the same curriculum as the others.

Up until very recently, these lessons had to take place during daylight because we did not have lighting in the homework classroom of the center. We have found a solution, however, and lighting is now available. We are very grateful for this.

Back to mama


In the beginning of February 2019 we wrote about an infant that had been brought to our center. The foundling had been taken to the police who later discovered that the mother was a young girl from the local village and the father a boy from a neighboring village. The girl had left the baby wrapped in a shawl. The child has been living with us in the center ever since. We named her Wendinso Bienvenue. Bienvenue means “welcome.”

Wendinso is two years old now and the girl’s grandparents have announced that they are willing to aid the young parents in raising their child. In the beginning of April, Wendinso Bienvenue left the center together with her mother. We are glad that we were able to support this child during her first years. We wish parents and grandparents much wisdom and strength as they raise this little miracle. Here is a picture of Wendinso and her mother at the time of their departure from the center.


01-28-2020: Recently we celebrated Thanksgving at the orphanage. It was a beautiful day. We used the opportunity to make a picture of all the chldren of the orphanage, along with the staff. we rarely have opportunities like this. Such a wonderful group of people.


3-20-2019: Today marks the fifth aniversary of Stichting De Mangoboom. On this day five years ago we officially started working among the children of Burkina Faso. We are humbled and proud to be part of this work until now. We are also looking forward to what the next five years will bring us and the children!

New baby

3-2-2019: Recently a baby was found in the neighbourhood of the orphanage. The child was newborn, wrapped in cloths and left behind by the mother. The mother turned out to be a schoolgirl. A girl in her situatin is often left alone by the family in Burkina Faso. The child is now staying in our center. We will try to get in touch with the mother of the child and find out if we can do something for her.