1-26-2018 The area around the sleeping location of the children has been barren so far. Recently we planted dozens of trees and bushes around this building. In this way we hope to create a cool place were the children can rest. As usual the chilren enjoyed helping us!

Water bassins

1-8-2018 Recently four big waterbasins equipped with waterpiping were placed at the site of the orphanage. In this way the children are able to water the plants in the gardens during the dry season.

Hanky putting

March 21, 2016 - Who of you has not heard of the world famous child play 'Hanky putting' (also known as 'Duck, Duck, Goose')? Well, even the children of Burkina Faso play it.  But they don't really use a 'hanky' (a handkerchief). Is that any less fun? Judge for yourself...

Hanky putting from Foundation 'De Mangoboom'.

Christmas wishes

December 24, 2015 - The orphanage too offers children a Christmas celebration. They even made a Christmas stable with the limited means that are available. The children have asked us to wish all of you a blessed Christmas! <br>It is our desire that the hope we received because Jesus came to this earth, will also mean there is hope for the children's future!